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Research topics

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The FRS research activity can be divided into four main work packages (WP):

  • WP 1. Adaptation of Agro-Resources. This WP focuses on (i) plant breeding for improvement of biotechnological use, (ii) understanding of the molecular organisation of the cell wall (i.e. ligno-cellulose network) and (iii) optimisation of fractionation plant residues and purification of target molecules.
  • WP 2. Processes and transformations. This WP is dedicated to develop new technologies for the non-food exploitation of plant. The two main themes developed in this WP are (i) white biotechnology and (ii) optimisation of innovative processing plant resources by physical and green chemistry.
  • WP 3. Applications and development. This WP focuses on (i) the storage of sustainable energy, (ii) optimisation of the detection and control of sensors and (iii) the characterisation of bio-sourced molecules and composites.
  • WP 4. Environment. The aim of this WP is to study the impact of plant agriculture on the environment, including the release of carbon dioxide and pesticides dispersal in fields. Particular attention is paid on (i) their impact on environmental quality, (ii) the development of remediation processes and (iii) development of new technologies to fight plant diseases, while using less conventional chemical pesticides.