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26-29 June 2018 - Exploring Lignocellulosic Biomass : challenges and opportunities for bioeconomy (ELB 2018)

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Place : Reims, France.

Chaired by the French National Institute for Agricultural Research and the University of Reims Champagne Ardenne, together with local academic laboratories, ELB 2018 congress is dedicated to the different uses of lignocellulosic resource in both agroecosystems and biotechnology. ELB 2018 congress further aims at providing an overview of the challenges of i) lignocellulose biotransformation in soils, in relation to their fertility and to climate stabilization, ii) lignocellulose conversion by bio-physico-chemical processes to produce biobased chemicals, materials and fuels. The socio-economic point of view will be discussed in the context of the emerging bioeconomy.

Organized in 6 interdisciplinary sessions covering all aspects of lignocellulose transformation and bioeconomy, keynote and invited speakers will present high-level research and their vision for lignocellulose transformation.

1. Bioeconomy of biorefinery
2. Structural and chemical complexity of lignocellulose
3. Physical, chemical and biological deconstruction of lignocellulose
4. Lignocellulose as a source of organic matters in soils
5. Lignocellulose as a source of biomolecules for energy and platforms molecules
6. Biobased materials from lignocellulose

Calendrier ELB 2018
- soumission des résumés (communications orales et posters) : 3 avril 2018 (date retardée).
- inscription "early-bird" : le 22 mail 2018.
- inscription tardive : le 4 juin 2018.

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