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11 juin 2018 - Présentation du système WES

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Lieu  : Reims.

Simple Western reinvents the entire Western workflow, fnally giving researchers a completely automated, fast and walk-away solution to win the race to publication. No gels, transfer devices, blots or flm are needed. Just pipette samples and reagents onto a plate, load it and press start.

Get your time back : Load your samples, press start and go enjoy your free time. Come back a few hours later to fully analyzed results.

Get more consistency : People introduce variability, we just can’t help it. Automated Simple Westerns simply give you more reproducible data.

Get truly quantitative : Since blot transfer of proteins isn’t needed, you can get straight to real, quantitative results.

Lieu  : salle C1007 du Pôle Santé
Horaire  : de 14h à 15h.

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