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FRS Calls

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  • Every year, the FRS Condorcet organises a call for exploratory research projects. Only laboratories involved in the federation can benefit.
  • This action aims to facilitate the creation of new collaborations on innovative ideas between the teams. Also, the duration of the projects supported is deliberately limited to one year.
  • The annual calendar is : (1) early July : launch of the call ; (2) the end of October : submission of applications, and (3) in early December : results of the call.

Since the creation of the FRS, 5 calls for proposals were launched since 2012. In this context, 39 research projects were financed.

The list of projects supported by FRS Calls :
- 2016 Call Projects
- 2015 Call Projects
- 2014 Call Projects
- 2013 Call Projects
- 2012 Call Projects