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Symposium « Biogeochemistry of emerging trace elements in aquatic and terrestrial systems »

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Date : 16-20 july 2017.
Place : Zurich, Switzerland.

This symposium aims to bring together researchers interested in the biogeochemistry of emerging trace elements i.e. those elements which are increasingly extracted and used because of their use in new technologies in the fields of communication, mobility and energy. For this special symposium, we invite contributions concerned with the detection, monitoring, quantification of anthropogenic emissions, chemical speciation, abiotic and biotic transformation processes, geochemical modelling, transport and environmental fate and potential ecological and toxicological effects of these emerging trace elements in aquatic and terrestrial systems.

Conveners : Bert-Jan Groenenberg (Netherlands/France), Montserrat Filella (Switzerland), Andreas Voegelin (Switzerland), Kirk Scheckel (USA) and Sebastien Rauch (Sweden)

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