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ERA-Net CORE Organic Cofund (culture organique)

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- ERA-Net CORE Organic Cofund (culture organique)
Date limite de soumission des pré-dossiers : le 1er mars à 10h.
Background to this call
CORE Organic Cofund is launching an EU cofunded transnational joint call for research project proposals based on funds from participating countries and funding from the European Union. The CORE Organic Cofund consortium for the cofounded call consists of 25 partners from 19 countries and committed 13 million € of national funds “in cash” for transnational research.
The CORE Organic Cofund ERA-Net will benefit from cofunding from the European Union under Horizon2020 research and innovation programme.
What is CORE Organic ?
CORE Organic is the acronym for "Coordination of European Transnational Research in Organic Food and Farming Systems". The aim of CORE Organic is to improve the knowledge basis and innovation capacity necessary for supporting further development of organic food and farming as a way to respond to significant societal challenges in Europe’s agriculture and food systems.
The overall objective for the CORE Organic Cofund Call 2016 is that the proposed research projects support sustainable growth of the organic sector in Europe and beyond. The expected impacts are more sustainable organic food systems including farming practices, processing and innovative value chains, aiming at fulfilment of the growing demand for organic products, support to Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and organic farming regulations and subsequently supporting health, trade and job creation. Furthermore, the funded projects should contribute to the improvement of the general competitiveness of the European agriculture and present new and innovative solutions to environmentally friendly agriculture.
The CORE Organic Cofund ERA-Net is the continuation of the ERA-Nets CORE Organic I, II and Plus.

The CORE Organic Cofund Call 2016 will provide funds for four topics :

  • Topic 1 : Ecological support in specialised and intensive plant production systems
  • Topic 2 : Eco-efficient production and use of animal feed at local level
  • Topic 3 : Appropriate and robust livestock systems : cattle, pigs, poultry
  • Topic 4 : Organic food processing concepts and technologies for ensuring food quality, sustainability and consumer confidence

For a detailed description of the topics see the call text in Annex A.