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Distinction pour le projet CREUSE financé par la SFR

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Projet en collaboration avec EDYSAN (FRE CNRS 3498 UPJV) et le GEGENAA (EA 3795 URCA).

Un article paru dans Ecography co-écrit par Jonathan LENOIR et Tarek HATTAB (EDYSAN, FRE 3498 CNRS-UPJV) et Guillaume PIERRE (GEGENAA EA 3795, URCA) est « runner up » du E4 Award 2016 (Ecography award for Excellence in Ecology and Evolution).

“Lenoir and colleagues aim to assess the role of very-small-scale (down to 1 m2) climatic refugia in range dynamics, including stability, in the face of ongoing climate change. This topic is of great current importance in our efforts to understand the biogeography of the future, informed by processes that have shaped ranges in the past. The authors propose a novel, spatially hierarchical approach to evaluating and understanding microrefugia, and offer a worked example of how it might be applied. They propose a working agenda for further work on microrefugia”.

Cet article est le résultat de travaux menés dans le cadre du projet APR « CREUSE » de la SFR Condorcet (FR CNRS 3417)
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