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28-29 juillet 2017 - European workshop on bioeconomy

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Lieu  : Paris

INRA and Irstea, in partnership with Ministries of Agriculture and Research are organizing a European workshop on bioeconomy on 28 and 29th June 2017 in Paris. Bioeconomy is on the agenda of many research policies. Following other European countries, including Spain and Italy in 2016, the French bioeconomy strategy was published by the French Government on January 18th, 2017. The traduction in action plans is ongoing, with a strong expectation from the Ministry of Agriculture. The H2020 Bioeconomy Program is also under revision : John Bell, Director of Bioeconomics at DG Research and Innovation, expects proposals to revisit the previous framework of the bioeconomy and to establish new lines of research.

This workshop will address three issues :
What are the priority research needs for the next 10 years...?
Which tools for research and development are lacking today ?
Which types of partnerships are necessary for the development of bioeconomy ? Which new stake holders ?

Two position papers, a first general one, a second from a young scientist panel will be published at the end of this workshop.

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