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Research topics

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The FRS research activity can be divided into four main work packages (WP) :

-  WP 1. Plant biomass production and environmental integration
This WP focuses on plant improvement and adaptation to pedoclimatic conditions, bioprotection, agro-ecology and qualification of plant biomass, biodiversity, soil, water and air quality, remediation of biocides.

- WP 2. Biomass processing and processes
This WP is dedicated on structural characterisation of biomass, mechanical, chemical and enzymological deconstruction, green chemistry, white, green and blue biotechnology, modeling, scale changes of process, LCA.

- WP 3. Innovative products and materials agro-sourced
This WP focuses on (i) the storage of sustainable energy, (ii) optimisation of the detection and control of sensors and (iii) the characterisation of bio-sourced molecules and composites.

- WP 4. Conditions for the emergence of a sustainable bioeconomy
The aim of this WP is to investigate a multi-level and multidimensional logic of the "question system”, support for organizational changes, ecologically sustainable varieties and business models, Innovative ecosystems : from pre-competitive research to markets.