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20 novembre 2017 - SuperBIO workshop : Bioactive ingredients for food and health

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Lieu  : Seville.

Challenges and opportunities for bioactive ingredients for food and health in the frame of bioeconomy implementation.

Bioactive ingredients have a wide potential of innovation for food and health industry, drugged by the fact discoveries in bioactive components are escalating. Despite improving possibilities for human health for prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, and wellness abound, the process for evidence-based criteria to make public health statements lags behind. Biobased economy implementation demands food industry streams and byproducts sustainable valorization, which adds extra challenges for industrial collaboration and policy frameworks. Being bioactive ingredients such a challenging area, it is also a multiple paths opportunity for many types of marketable products, that span the range from whole foods (functional foods) to druglike isolated compounds (nutraceuticals).

Participants from companies active in biomass valorization, biotechnology, food industry (bioactive ingredients developers and distributers) will find in this workshop interesting hints from experts and success cases from bioactive ingredients SMEs addressing opportunities and facing challenges.

When : Monday 20th of November 2017

Where : Seville, Spain (exact location to be defined)

Registration : free of charge, see below

Organizers : Corporacion Tecnologica de Andalucia

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