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24-26 avril 2018 - ACMA 2018 Mini-symposium "Bio-based Composites"

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24-26 avril 2018 - ACMA 2018 Mini-symposium "Bio-based Composites"

Lieu  : Compiègne.

Today, everyone agrees that bio-based composite materials are being installed (smoothly) in various industrial sectors, such as civil engineering, transport, packaging, sport and leisure, aeronautics recently... A bio-based material, whether it is a polymer or a composite, becomes interesting insofar as a know-how is associated with it, both to implement it but also to consider it as a renewable resource. It becomes therefore of interest only if it can be made into an innovative, economically viable and sustainable industrial part. This mini-symposium aims not simply to describe a bio-based composite material and some of its properties, but to bring lighting on its specificity related to the different observation scales, interactions between the constituents and possible improvement ways, thus giving the material the ability to behave well in several loading situations (exposure to moisture, vibration and fatigue …) and a second life after recycling (added-value, recovery).

Academics and professionals are encouraged to participate in this mini-symposium (exact date and time bo te confirmed), with their contributions related to any of the following topics :
- Natural fibres as reinforcements of composites : morphology - properties.
- Biopolymers and biocomposites : forming processes – characterization – durability.
- Hybrid bio-based composites.
- Fibre-matrix interface : Improvement ways.
- Modelling and simulation : forming processes – multi-physical properties.
- Recycling and recovery.

Abstracts submissions : December 4, 2017
Notification of acceptance : From december 15, 2017
Full papers submissions : January 31, 2018
Early (reduced fees) registrations : January 31, 2018
Late (full fees) registrations : March 16, 2018

Registrations and abstracts submissions.

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