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21 juin 2018 - Biotech Supplier & Engineering Expo 2018

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21 juin 2018 - Biotech Supplier & Engineering Expo 2018

Lieu  : Telford, Grande-Bretagne.

The UK is regarded as one of the most vibrant, booming global centres for the biotech/ bioscience industry with last year alone UK biotech firms across a range of disciplines raising well over £1bn. As people live longer lives, the demand for improved healthcare globally is driving the bioscience sector forward to unlock new innovations which will make a real difference in fighting serious diseases.

The Biotech Supplier & Engineering Expo runs 21st June 2018 at the International Centre, Telford in the West Midlands a major UK technology hub. The event will showcase cutting-edge products and services integral to the bioscience supply chain and distribution channels, providing a great platform for professionals across the biotech industry to network and do business.

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