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18-19 avril 2018 : 1st Art Competition on Bioeconomy

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Lieu  : Berlin.

The overall purpose of the Youth Competition is to involve young people from around the world in the Global Bioeconomy Summit 2018 (GBS2018) and to gather their visions of a future bioeconomy. With this in mind, students are invited to submit creative contributions in the form of illustrations. The results of the competition will be exhibited during the GBS2018. They will feed into the discussions on future visions of the bioeconomy and how these visions can be communicated to different audiences.

The bioeconomy is supported by a social change towards greater sustainability. It is based on innovations from research and development and on renewable resources. Even if there is no unified definition of the bioeconomy, an understanding of “bioeconomy as the knowledge-based production and utilization of biological resources, processes and principles, to provide products and services in all sectors of trade and industry” is shared by many countries. The life sciences and biotechnologies will play a key role in the bioeconomy. It is this knowledge of biological processes and their targeted use that marks the beginning of a revolutionary development in technology. Similarly to digitization, biologization of the economy will trigger an even more profound transformation in all areas of society and industry.

Students are invited to submit an entry that addresses one of the following questions :
1. What is your vision of a future bioeconomy ?
2. How would you like to live in the future and how would bioeconomy contribute ?
3. How will the bioeconomy contribute to coping with global challenges in your direct living environment ?

Who is eligible to participate ?
Participation is open to all students enrolled in degree programs at universities or other institutions of higher education. The competition is open to all disciplines.

Selection Process
All entries received will be evaluated by a jury. The jury is composed of :
- art and design expert —> Prof. Dr. Hans Baltzer - Illustrator, Art Professor,
- representatives from the German Bioeconomy Council
— > Dr. Holger Zinke - Bioeconomy P​ioneer and Entrepreneur, Arts Sponsor
— > Prof. Dr. Hannelore Daniel - Nutrition and Food Scientist, University Professor
— > its Secretariat Christin Fund,
- young bioeconomy scientist —> Helen Berga Paulos - junior researcher.

The jury will select three competition winners. Jury decisions are final.

Entries will be judged based on the following criteria :
- content (thematic consistency, understanding of the bioeconomy concept)
- innovation, originality, and creativity
- formal requirements

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