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24-28 septembre 2018 - Elixir Training : Plant Genome Assembly and Annotation

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Lieu  : Montpellier.

The course is aimed at scientists interested in learning more about plant genome assembly and annotation. It will include information useful for both the beginner and the more advanced user. We will start by introducing general concepts and then continue step-by-step to describe all major components of a genome assembly (long and short reads) and annotation workflows, from raw data all the way to a final assembled and annotated genome. There will be a mix of lectures and hands-on practical exercises using command line Linux. After the course the participants will be aware of common practices and commonly used tools and know how to run assembly and annotation projects.

The inscription is free but compulsory (now less than 20 places)

Contacts  :
Stephanie Bocs, Elixir-France, South Green Team, CIRAD, Montpellier, France
Victoria Dominguez Del Angel, TrC Elixir-France, French Insitute of
Bioinformatics UMS3601-CNRS, Campus Universitaire d’Orsay, France

Location} } : Cirad, Campus de la Valette, Montpellier

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