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21 mai 2019 - 71st International Symposium on Crop Protection

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Lieu  : Ghent.

The 71st International Symposium on Crop Protection will be held on 21 May 2019 and will be unique in the ISCP history, as it will be a joined venture with the world IUPAC conference on crop protection chemistry, which will be hosted in Ghent at the International Convention Centre (ICC). During this edition, the Symposium on Tuesday will focus on the biocontrol aspects of crop protection and will deal with the following subtopics :
- Microbial pesticides (bacteria, fungi, yeasts)
- Biocontrol agents (natural enemies)
- Biostimulants
- Detection and detection methods for pests and diseases
- Technologies based in insect behavior modifying substances

Location of the 71st ISCP at IUPAC :
International Convention Center Ghent (ICC),
Van Rysselberghedreef 2 (Citadelpark),
9000 Ghent,

Those who wish to present at the Symposium are invited to submit an electronic abstract before 1 December 2018.

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