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6-7 mars 2019 - Biorefinery & Bio-Based Chemical Conference

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6-7 mars 2019 - Biorefinery & Bio-Based Chemical Conference

Lieu  : Amsterdam.

The Biorefinery & Bio-Based Chemical Conference will include insightful input from Biorefinery Specialists, Biomass and Bioenergy Scientists, Renewable Energy Directors, Biomethane and Regulation Managers, Energy Sector Consultants, Researchers, Professors, Research Scientists, Chemical Engineers, Legal Advisors, Technology Developers, Fuel Engineers etc. The goal is to discuss and explore topics on Biorefinery and Biochemicals, in order to enhance prospective business strategies, recent trends, and evaluate the impact of changes in the industry.

Regional Outlook and Market Research
European Outlook : Bio-Industrial and Bio-Refinery
Outlook on Bioenergy Production
An Outlook on Pyrolytic Lignin

Technological Aspects
Employing Microwave Radiation in Biofuel Production
Nanotechnology in Microalgal Biorefinery
Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Algae

Latest Research on Biorefinery & Bio-Based Chemical
Challenges and Benefits of using 2G Biomass
Artificial Cellulase for Cellulosic Ethanol Production
Beech Wood Bio-Oil for Application as Raw Material

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