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22-24 mai 2019 - Plant Based Summit

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22-24 mai 2019 - Plant Based Summit

Lieu  : Lyon.

In May 2019, Plant Based Summit will launch its 5th edition in Lyon, with an even sharpened positioning on the innovation, the co-development and its operational implementation for the necessary deployment of bio-based products. It will be the opportunity for the participants to contribute to the evolution of plant-based, green and sustainable chemistry !

Plant Based Summit is :
One-to-one meetings
- targetted business exchanges to meet major actors of the biobased market.

Exhibition zone
- composed of institutional exhibitors such as clusters, regions, development agencies…

The congress
- The leading biobased products congress with :
> 30 targeted conferences
> more than 100 international key speakers, providing first-hand insights and updates

The 2019 congress is stil focused on stimulating biobased product development through a market driven approach.

The challenge
To speed up the development process, all operators in the value chain need to deal with environmental issues, industrial and investment challenges by :
- Bringing companies together to move towards an integrated plant based chemicals supply chain
- Achieving technology scale up
- Exploring business opportunities (industrial formulation, packaging, bio-cosmetics, plastics…)

At Plant Based Summit, each stakeholder in the biobased economy is able to share, find the best solutions to fit its own specific place and development stage, enabling it to make the decisive leap forward, thus contributing to empower the biobased economy.

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