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4-5 juillet 2019 - Conférence "Sustainable bio-based surfactants"

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4-5 juillet 2019 - Conférence "Sustainable bio-based surfactants"

Lieu  : Romainville-Grand Paris.

Bio-based sustainable surfactants represent a planet-friendly solution for the progressive replacement of petrochemical-derived surfactants in many applications.
The objective of this two-day scientific symposium held in Paris is to cover all critical aspects of bio-surfactants from biomass sourcing to quality control, manufacturing, applications and regulatory aspects. Roundtables and networking opportunities with academic and industrial experts will be offered.

Key topics to be presented and discussed :
•Inputs and findings from academic research
•Raw materials : Supply chain, Industrial manufacturing
•Product traceability and Quality control of raw materials
•Innovations, Process Economics of industrial bio-surfactants
•Markets, Applications and Regulatory background (cosmetic and chemistry)
•Life cycle analysis with Waste and environmental issues

Important Dates
•Abstract Submission Ends : May 17, 2019
•Final Registration : June 26, 2019

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