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3rd Plant Genomics Congress Europe

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Date : les 11 et 12 Mai 2015.
Lieu : Londres, Royaume-Uni.

The event focuses on aspects such as molecular marker development, breeding, crop/ trait improvement, disease/stress resistance, evolution studies and pathology as well understanding tools to overcome bottlenecks and enable successful data analysis and management. Presentations concentrate on, but are not limited to plant, crop and forestry research ranging from wheat, barley, maize and rice to potato, tomato, arabidopsis, biofuels and various fruits in order to attract delegates across Europe and beyond.
The conference will have 6 tracks over two days targeting the following key areas :

Day 1 Stream 1 - NGS / Omic Technologies for Plant Research
Day 1 Stream 2 - Plant Genomics Case Studies (Cereals)
Day 1 Stream 3 - RNA Seq Case Studies
Day 2 Stream 1 - Part A) Bioinformatics, Data Analysis & Management ; Part B) Young Investigator Flash Presentations
Day 2 Stream 2 - Plant Genomics Case Studies
Day 2 Stream 3 - Part A) Epigenetics, DNA Methylation Case Studies ; Part B) Genomic Evolution Case Studies

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