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15 septembre 2020 - Project Enabling : discover the EU project with BIOKET digital

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15 septembre 2020 - Project Enabling : discover the EU project with BIOKET digital

Lieu  : Webinar.

ENABLING aims at creating appropriate conditions for the development of efficient biomass to BBPs (Bio-Based Products and Processes) value chains. The consortium’s vision is that Europe bears a huge potential for optimizing the supply of biomass into innovative bio-based processes and products. Up-scaling biomass production and pre-processing, and combining streams towards the BBPs with those of more traditional bioenergy chains would enhance at least three interlinked types of impact.
• biomass production gains scale to meet higher demand in both sectors bioenergy and the BBI(Bio-Based Industry)
• the reinforcement of biomass supply for the benefits of smaller BBI players, helping them to diversify and consolidate biomass input sources
• reinforcing the biomass and BBPs linkages may contribute to job-creation, due to the increased need for specialized workers.

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