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24-25 juin 2021 - Congrès American Council for Medicinally Active Plants

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24-25 juin 2021 - Congrès American Council for Medicinally Active Plants

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"Science of Natural Products : From Discovery to Translational Applications"

Human, animal and plant health and food security remain among the greatest challenges for societies around the globe. Natural products and medicinally active plants can contribute significantly to the improvement of health. The 10th annual conference of the American Council for Medicinally Active Plants (ACMAP) invites you to join us to share experiences, scientific studies and lessons from lab and field discovery to illustrate the latest advances in scientific knowledge that can be used to impact and transform the lives of others in our country and in developing countries.

This year’s meeting will focus on the scientific advances in several health and nutritional areas including the new emerging field of hemp and medicinal cannabis. Let this meeting be a forum where we come together to reflect on both basic and applied research and development activities that demonstrate how the application of science can and does make a difference to communities and society. We invite you to present your research either as an oral presentation and/or as a poster. We also invite all those contributing papers to submit their work as full papers for consideration as a publication in the Journal of Medicinally Active Plants (JMAP).

The annual conference of ACMAP began at Rutgers University 10 years ago. Now, we come together as researchers, scientists, industry, academia, government and students to cultivate ideas and share new technologies that can foster stronger understanding for the underlying mechanisms of action of natural products in human health. These interactions will contribute to the development of improved genetic materials and more effective ways of identifying lead candidates and evaluating their safety and efficacy.

Abstract submission deadline : March 22, 2021.

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