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The 3rd Conference of Cereal Biotechnology and Breeding / CBB3

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Date : du 2 au 4 Novembre 2015
Lieu : Berlin, Allemagne.

Major topics of CBB3

- Cereal Genomics
Genetic background of differnet species / functional genomic : gene and its function

- Classical and Molecular Genetics in Cereals
Classical genetics to recognize the genetic background of improvements / molecular methods in basic and applied research / molecular markers to increase the efficiency of improvements

- Biotic- and Abiotic Stresses
Different cereal diseases : virus, bacterial and fungal / technologies in plant protection / frost, heat, drought and other local and global important abiotic stresses

- Cereal Physiology
Different pathways to understand the physiological mechanisms

- Quality and Utilization
Bread and food quality, different methods and parameters / food safety, toxins and their consequents / products from cereals

- Breeding Methods of Cereals
Classical and modern methods (haploids) to improve cereal species / outstanding results in cereal breeding : new germplasms, varieties and hybrids

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