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Workshop on Valuxtract project

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Workshop on Valuxtract project

Date : le 17 Mars 2016.
Lieu : Montpellier.

The traditional extraction technique employs large amounts of solvents. New processes such as Pulsed Electric Fields, High Voltage Electric Discharges and Subcritical Water Extraction could increase the extraction of the valuable products without organic solvent. Purification techniques using membrane processes could be utilized as an eco-innovative alternative approach to traditional methods. The aim of the VALUXTRACT program was the valorization of the grape solid wastes with green processes to produce high added value compounds for different applications : extraction and purification of polyphenols from vinification wastes for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and agro-food industries ; extraction of polyphenols and aromatic compounds from wood wastes (grape shoots, barrels and chips) for wine or food flavor industries… Results obtained during the VALUXTRACT program will be presented and can be resumed as in the following :
- Evaluation of the technical and economical feasibility of the processes for the extraction of HAVC ;
- Identification of the best set parameters for the extraction and purification (treatment time, specific energy,…) to optimize yield of compounds from by-products (organic wastes and wood wastes) ;
- Application of the valuable molecules in wine industry.

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