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Symposium Leiden

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Date : les 14 et 15 Avril 2016.
Lieu : Pays Bas.

This symposium is particularly meant to set standards for research in this multidisciplinary field by having leading scientists of the monodisciplines speaking about the latest developments in their field so we can learn how these might be used in the natural products research.

One of the most important tools we have to improve our field is the peer review system. Getting feedback from colleagues on our work by reviewing the papers we submit is the way we can improve our research. As good scientists we will be students forever. As a small token of appreciation of all the work done by reviewers and to help them also to learn more about the latest trends we dedicate this symposium to the reviewers of our journals and offer them a special low registration fee.

The venue has a limited number of participants of about 200, that means we have to use the “first come first served” principle.

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