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Nova session - Biomass feedstocks today and in the future - going beyond food vs. fuel

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Date : le 30 Juin 2016.
Lieu : Cologne, Allemagne.

The nova Session “Biomass feedstocks today and in the future” will discuss the issue of industrial use of biomass at all levels : political frameworks and the food vs. non-food debate, environmental impacts, public perception and communication and the current and future biomass supply and demand.
Topics are among others :

  • Myths and facts about food and non-food crops for industry
  • A differentiated approach to finding the most suitable biomass for industry
  • What will happen after the end of the sugar regime in 2017 ?
  • Sustainability of food and non-food biomass
  • How to shape good communication about the use of food-crops for chemicals and plastics between industry and the public ?
  • How is biomass supply and demand balanced today ?
  • What are the biomass potentials in the world by 2050 ?
  • Which assumptions are underlying those supply and demand scenarios ?
  • Which technology trends will influence the supply situation the most ?
  • Using these scenarios for your company, association or NGO

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