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29 mai-2 juin 2017 - Joint 12th European Foundation for Plant Pathology (EFPP) - 10th French Society for Plant Pathology (SFP) meeting

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29 mai-2 juin 2017 - Joint 12th European Foundation for Plant Pathology (EFPP) - 10th French Society for Plant Pathology (SFP) meeting

Lieu : Malo-les-bains, Dunkerque.

France and the France-Flanders-Wallonia Euroregion have been invited to organize the 12th EFPP (European Foundation for Plant Pathology) meeting, which will take place in Dunkerque-Malo-les bains, France, in 2017. Dunkerque is located on the French coastal region bordering Belgium, situated opposite the cliffs of the south-east of England. More information on the place.

This meeting entitled "Deepen knowledge in plant pathology for innovative agro-ecolog" will take place from the Monday, 29th of May to the Friday, 2nd of June 2017.
It will aim at presenting the most recent advances in the different aspects of Plant Pathology (plant-microbe interactions, epidemiology, population evolution, "omic-based" approaches, cultural management ...) that could contribute to either fundamental or practical progress towards more durable and innovative control strategies.

Provisionnal session list :
1. Emerging diseases and new insights in taxonomy and phylogeny of plant pathogens in evolving global conditions
2. Space-time and multi-scales approaches : diagnostic, epidemiology and ecology in the field
3. Microbial determinants of pathogen and symbiotic interactions
4. From plant-microbe interactions to interactions within phytobiomes
(a possibly joint session with the American Phytopathological Society)
5. From plant immunity to innovative plant breeding
6. Emerging tools for the management of plant diseases : Agroecology and disease management

Provisional round table list :
1. Teaching Plant Pathology in a new context or teaching new Plant Pathology ?
2. High Technology Plant Pathology
3. The future of crop protection : from chemistry to biology ?

Several institutions located in Calais (Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale), Lille (Institut Charles Viollette), Reims (Université de Reims Champagne Ardenne), Ghent (Ghent University), Gembloux (Liege University-Gembloux AgroBioTech), Louvain (University of Louvain) will be in charge of the organization.

The meeting will be joint with the 10th SFP (French Society for Plant Pathology) meeting and is also supported by SFP. We are also working on a joint session during this meeting that will be co-organized with the APS (American Phytopathological Society).

The corresponding web site will be on line by the 15th of november 2016.
For further information, please contact :


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