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Biobased World

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Date : du 15 au 16 février 2017.
Lieu : Cologne, Allemagne.

Join the premier bioeconomy trade show for all biobased industries : On 15-16 February 2017 BiobasedWorld ( will debut in Cologne, Germany. Have you booked your stand yet ?

Industrial biotechnology is the core of bioeconomy, regardless of whether the product is a drop-in solution or a brand new chemical. Lubricants and hydraulic oils are among the early success stories of the bioeconomy. However, you will be having a hard time finding a trade show where you can meet all the players at the same time : the raw material providers, the enzyme suppliers, the metabolic engineers, the plant engineering companies, the hardware producers, the service providers.

BiobasedWorld fills this gap and provides a marketplace for those with a hands-on attitude in industrial biotechnology and not only those. This new trade show is open for all bioeconomy topics. It is the perfect opportunity for you to have a look over the rim of your teacup and make new connections where you didn’t assume any. Bioenergy, algae and biobased building materials seem distant topics for you ? They could hold your next business opportunity just as well.

The 1:1 partnering at BiobasedWorld makes it easy to establish new connections across topical borders and is included for exhibitors and visitors.

“Biobased industries at work” is the conference program where you have the chance to present your example of a process that is successfully established or only one step away.


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