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5th Pan-American Congress on Plants and Bioenergy

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Date : du 4 au 7 août 2016.
Lieu : Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

The 5th Pan–American Congress on Plants and BioEnergy will cover all areas of emerging basic research, technology, life cycle and techno-economic analysis of renewable bioenergy systems. The conference promises to provide direct interaction between leaders in the field and the attending delegates. Emphasis will be placed on the latest unpublished technical and scientific results and scientific discussion.

The conference will focus on emerging developments in renewable energy research and development in North and South America including :

  • Engineering plants and algae for enhanced biomass yield ;
  • Ligno-cellulosic and carbohydrate feedstock engineering ;
  • Biomass processing and fuel conversion technologies ;
  • Next generation bioenergy feedstocks and bio-based products ;
  • Modeling biofuel economics, sustainability and environmental impact.

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