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Phenome 2017 Conference

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Date : du 10 au 14 février 2017.
Lieu : Tucson, Arizona, Etats-Unis.

The Phenome 2017 conference (February 10-14, 2017) will bring together a multidisciplinary audience comprising plant biologists, engineers, agronomists, and computer scientists interested in plant phenomics. There is substantial excitement about the potential for plant phenomics but real advances will require the development of an active, multidisciplinary community of researchers.

The goals of Phenome 2017 are to share discoveries, ideas, and connections in order to foster collaboration, innovation, and the initiation of multi-investigator and multi-institution projects. The four day conference will include presentations in plenary sessions entitled "Phenomic insights into quantitative traits," "Environmental stress biology," "Metabolomics," and "Plasticity in plant traits." Each day, attendees will engage around poster presentations to discuss cutting edge developments in plant phenomics. Concurrent afternoon sessions will allow attendees hear about exciting topics such as "Emerging technologies for use in the field and controlled environments," "Data tools and standards," and "Modeling : from multivariate data to climate and crop models to predict plant traits based on environment."

Phenome 2017 will be an excellent meeting for students from diverse academic backgrounds to meet and mingle with leaders in their fields. Those interested in identifying future collaborations will find opportunities to discuss research projects and commercialization potential. The National Plant Science Council established the Phenome 2017 Conference as one of the outcomes of Unleashing a Decade of Innovation in Plant Science : A Vision for 2015-2025.

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