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23-24 mai 2017 - Protein Trends and technologies seminar

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Date : les 23 et 24 mai 2017.
Lieu : Illinois, USA.

Pre-Conference Program : Business Strategies.

This day will focus on fundamental and ever-changing factors impacting the global protein ingredient market. The information is crucial for anyone guiding their protein ingredient business or for those where the protein ingredient marketplace has significant impact on their business.
Examples of trend and data information to be covered include current and future protein global supply, demand and pricing ; competitive industries ; consumer and manufacturer trends ; and game-changing factors such as emerging technologies.
Who should attend ?
Executive management at protein ingredient supplier companies (e.g., president, technical, sales & marketing, purchasing, financial and logistics)
Market analysis personnel at banking, M&A and other financial institutions
Purchasing, marketing, technical and other personnel at protein-enhanced product marketing and manufacturing companies involved in long-range planning

Technology Program : Formulating with Proteins.
The program on this day will focus on providing R&D and application food scientists with practical, non-commerical advise on how to work with protein ingredients in a range of foods, beverages and nutritional products. Solutions will be suggested for protein formulation and labeling challenges and sensory (texture & taste) issues.

Bonus : Certified food scientists (CFS) attending the 2017 Protein Trends & Technologies Seminar may choose to submit credit hours for one or more of the sessions toward re-certification. Registrants will receive a certificate of completion and documentation materials.

Who should attend ?
Product development teams (R&D, food scientists, nutrition, innovation and regulatory functions) at CPG and food service companies
Technical & application personnel from ingredient suppliers
Personnel at analytical services companies, consultants and associations that are involved in protein ingredient science

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